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Reflections: The Second Grad School Class

EDLD 5303 is unlike any class I have taken because this class was a gift of time, time to work on my e-portfolio and to explore myself as a learner. I only had one assignment and that was to develop an e-portfolio as a way to house and display examples of our work and learning as we pursue our master's degree. We were encouraged us to develop our blogs, learn more about COVA and CSLE, and explore the importance of an e-portfolio to a learner.

A benefit of this class was getting to know our classmates, we were put into small groups so we got to directly interact with our fellow classmates and learn more about them. I enjoyed exploring their sites more in-depth, getting ideas from them, and sharing ways that we can improve our own websites. Steven, Kristen, Diana, and I met through Google hangouts to discuss small changes we could make and provide feedback to each other. It was very helpful having that sounding board in a smaller environment, it gave me more confidence for when I was ready to share my site with the rest of the class.