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Professional Learning Plan

As I develop mini sessions of professional learning to facilitate learning about technology integration, I need to keep Gulamhussein's (2013) five key principals in mind. 

  1. Professional learning must be extended, long enough for the teachers to work through how they would implement it in their classrooms. 

  2. Teachers must have ongoing support as they are implementing the new information, no more one-time sit-and-get sessions.

  3. Active participation is a must for teachers to be able to assimilate the information, learn by doing, not watching.

  4. Modeling is vital for the teachers to be able to see how it's done and used in real classrooms.

  5. The sessions must be content specific and authentic for their subject/grade levels needs.



I am developing a series of mini sessions where I work with teachers to learn about applications they can use in their classrooms to enhance student engagement, choice, ownership, and voice in an authentic learning environment (COVA). These sessions will start with the teachers watching videos and exploring the new app as a student first through my Google Classroom. Then we collaborate and share how we are currently using the application or ways they could use it in their classroom. From their either I will model how to use it or they will have an opportunity to observe another teacher using it. The not so final step is where I continue to support the teachers as they use the applications throughout the year.


All my resources are being stored in this spreadsheet. 

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