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Update on My Innovation Plan

What is innovation?

George Couros (2015) defines innovation as “a way of thinking that creates something new and better” (p.19). As I have progressed through my Digital Learning and Leading (DLL) program at Lamar University, I was asked to develop and implement an innovation project. I didn't want to choose any random topic that didn't make any sense to me, I wanted whatever I chose to be useful to a Technology Integration Specialist since I would be spending so many months on the project. Why not make it applicable to my job?

My plan initially began as Micro-Badging for Professional Learning as a way to track technology proficiency for my teachers. I figured this would fit within our current technology badging system so I started researching professional development. In my first literature review, Ways to Effectively Train Educators to Use Technology, I investigated many different ways technology training was being delivered/facilitated and micro-badging seemed like the best way to allow my teachers' choice in their professional learning. I continued investigating some Global Lessons on Technology Training and included those in my second literature review. As I continued my DLL journey, I discovered Gulamhussein’s (2013) five key principles for professional learning, I realized that active participation and modeling were not at the heart of the micro-badging system. Yes, micro-badging is personalized learning however it lacks the important components of active participation and modeling. Teachers needed to be motivated, self-starters for micro-badging to work and this is not likely to happen when they have enough on their plates already.

After much thought, I revamped my innovation project to what it is today; Personalized Professional Learning for Technology use in the Classroom. As I revamped my innovation project, I learned the importance of surveying my teachers to see their skills using specific campus desig