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        Professional Learning for educators can be a challenge to deliver to educators. Many of us have experienced bad sessions along with wonderful sessions. When it comes to delivering training on integrating technology into the classroom, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. No two educators have the same skill set when it comes to using technology. My innovation plan is to personalize professional learning where educators can choose which application they wish to learn more about, then work with a group of teachers on ways to use it in their classrooms. ​

Call to Personalized Professional Learning

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Past call to action

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Sites for Further Research


MOOC-ed with the Friday Institute NC State College of Education - This site has many classes that are free for educators to take for professional development credit. 


Friday Institute Microcredentials - These are the specific micro-credentials that the Friday Institute issues to educators.


Digital Promise has micro-credentials for educators in many fields.


Online Schools Center has a great infographic and resources for badges and micro-credentials.


My request to begin personalized professional learning for the teachers I support.

Implementation Outline

Timeline for implementation beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.

Literature Review 1

Professional Development for Technology Training 

Literature Review 2

Global Lessons from Professional Development​

Professional Learning Plan

My resources for implementation

Personalized Learning for Professional Development

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