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Grad School vs. Baseball Season

Me at the fields

It's 8:45 on a Thursday night and once again I'm sitting at the ball field wrapped in a sleeping bag splitting my attention between my Chromebook and the game. This is a regular occurrence for me, Monday a week ago I was in this same sleeping bag at another game with my earbuds in attending my online class and watching the game. Saturday the weather was warmer so I earned a sunburn as I worked on my discussion post responses at an all-day baseball tournament (we came in second place). Two nights ago I was in a band booster meeting that was during my class time as well, so I had one earbud in participating in class and voting in the meeting. This Saturday you will find me back at the ball field for another all day tournament as long as we keep winning. It's a good thing we have a mobile hot-spot! (Update - it was only one game and we won!)

It's been a challenge to ensure that I give my classes the time they deserve while also spending time with the family. So far I've been pretty successful but something had to give. Unfortunately, it was the house cleaning. Luckily I have spring break next week, which means time to clean the whole house. Next Tuesday the game starts at 1 pm so I shouldn't have any conflicts with my class meeting. It should be interesting to see how this Connect works on a full screen instead of a phone screen.

The key to making this work is to find the nooks and crannies in your life. I keep my kindle with me so I can read books while I'm in the pick-up line waiting on my daughter or at doctor/orthodontist appointments (my doctor is used to seeing me set my kindle down as he comes in!). I keep articles bookmarked on my phone for when I have a few minutes before a scheduled meeting. Husband wants to watch March Madness, no problem, I'm working on my discussion posts or web page while watching with him.

So far I'm the one winning in this challenge, wish me luck as I continue this adventure of graduate school and mom life. It's never a dull moment around here!

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