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Professional Learning; Not your mamma's PD

It's time to switch from old-school, sit-and-get professional development to the ongoing, interactive professional learning. Gulamhussein (2013) states that Professional Learning should have 5 key principals:

  • Extended throughout the year.

  • Ongoing support through all stages of implementation.

  • Active learning and hands-on application

  • Modeling and coaching included

  • Specific and authentic to the learner.

I agree with these principals and I intend to use these as I facilitate professional learning.

Behind the Scenes

My inspiration for this video was my personal experience with PD in the past and how horrible some of the sessions were and from TED Talks that I have viewed. I feel that people will want to know that they have some control over their professional learning and that they are not stuck with whatever their district chooses to provide for them. Personally, I continue to learn more from Twitter, Facebook, podcasts, and blog posts that cover educational topics.

I used my phone to record the video while my iPad was running PromptSmart Pro - Teleprompter for my script. I used a slide deck to create the images that I used in my movie edited with iMovie. I've been playing with iMovie for work because of the green screen abilities and found the picture in picture option. At first, I was going to have the slides on my TV behind me like a TED Talk, but the angle was wrong for filming and I did not want to worry about lighting and putting on real pants instead of shorts. (LOL). All images used in the slide deck are from the Google Explore function within slides.

I had a lot of fun creating the slides and recording my video, I prefer to talk to a camera than type a paper any day!! I enjoy editing film and creating graphics to use.


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All images from Google Explore, Video Created with iMovies


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