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Creating an Online Course from Scratch Part 3

As I wrap up the finishing touches on my online course, I can't help but want to continue to tweak and refine the course. It seems as though there is something new I can add. Due to time constraints, I have to considered this one as done and wrap it up, even though I want to record more videos to add to the course.

While working through the final portion of my course, I explored more of Universal Design for Learning (Gordon, Myer, & Rose, 2016), I am noticing to ensure my course is ready for learners of all kinds. I have to ensure that the text has a readable font and color, text is not in images unless it is also included in the alternate text label within the site to aid people with visual disabilities that use text readers. Universal design is making the course available to all and not leaving out any learners. Like an elevators for people in wheelchairs to reach the second level of a building. This is a challenge for me but something to keep in mind as I grow and design more professional learning opportunities.

As a Technology Integration Specialist, I am responsible for assisting my teachers with learning new apps and techniques to integrate technology effectively into the classroom to increase student engagement. I lead professional development at the campus level, and I assist with the district level’s PD also. My course was designed to be used to facilitate a PD with face to face sessions built in for the apply portion of the course. I can create two other courses with the same plan.

G-Suite Introduction: This course would be designed as an introduction course for teachers in the district wanting to take the Google Certified Educator Level 1 test or for anyone wanting to learn the basics of the G-Suite's apps. Face to face sessions will be scheduled so teachers they can get help and or demonstrate their abilities after completing the modules. Topics would be:

  • Using Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Sites, Slides, Classroom, and Gmail in the classroom for collaboration and communication.

  • Prepping for the Educator Level 1 Test

Required Tools for Mabank ISD Educators: This course would be designed as an introduction course for new teachers to the district to familiarize them with the apps they are expected to use. The educators would be able to work through the self-paced modules before scheduled face to face sessions where they can get help and or demonstrate their abilities. Topics would be:

  • Using skyward for grades, attendance, and messaging parents

  • Accessing Office 365 for email and OneDrive apps.

  • Developing your web profile with EZ Task Titanium

I hope I will be able to develop these courses in the future!


Gordon, D., Myer, A., & Rose, D. (2016). Universal Design for Learning. 1st ed. CAST Professional Publishing.


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