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Creating an Online Course from Scratch: Part 1

Challenge Accepted

As a learner, I have taken many classes but this is the first

time I've had the opportunity to create a class of my own. There is a lot of behind the scenes work to be done! Many questions have to be answered, resources to be found or created, and assessments to be developed. The very first thing I had to do was to identify the outcomes of the course. What did I want my learners to know and how could they prove their learning.

I used my previously created 3 Column Table and UbD Plan from this past summer for the goals and outline since I am creating the online portion of my blended learning plan. I now have the bare bones of my course, it just needs the meat. Next I organize the activities and information into modules, I made five modules.

1) Technology in the Classroom

2) Introducing COVA

3) Personalized Learning

4) Blended Learning

5) Wrapping it All Up

Each module will include articles, books, and videos followed by a discussion board and skills activities needed for the final assessment. I am incorporating e-portfolios into my course so the learners will create a blog post refelction and house their proof of learning there.

I'm using Schoology to house the course because it has a discussion board built-in along with the ability to create a page for information which I will use as a hyper-doc to guide the learning.

So far it has been fun creating the basic outline and break-down of the course, now for the hard part.... Finding the resources and uploading everything into the platform. Wish me luck and keep watching this space for updates!


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