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Looking Back with Global Perspectives

Now that I have completed my class on global perspectives in regards to innovation and technology integration, I took a look back at my innovation plan and made changes based off lessons learned from others around the world. In the process of creating my new Call To Action video and my Literature Review, I discovered teachers, no matter where they live, are wanting more control over their professional learning. They are beginning to participate in massive open online courses (MOOCs), online communities of practice (OCoP), and reaching out to one another using the Internet.

These are wonderful tools for professional learning and when paired with a learning coach, very effective! As one of these learning coaches, it's important for me to follow-up with my educators to support them in their learning and motivate them to step out of the box that so many teachers find themselves in while juggling their everyday responsibilities. Because of this new information, I have adjusted my innovation plan to incorporate coaching sessions in addition to the professional learning sessions I will lead.

Some lessons I've learned from others around the world is to be realistic in my expectations of participation, be clear in the tasks expected of my learners, and to ensure that the tasks I request of them are authentic and applicable to their situations. I also realize that teachers all around the world dislike missing instructional time with their students and even more, hate feeling like a professional learning session was wasted time because it was not relevant to them or it was the wrong skill level. I will ensure that the sessions I facilitate are differentiated to allow for all learners to be challenged and engaged.

Educators all over the world can't be wrong, I know I'll sign up for some MOOCs on coaching, participate in Twitter chats, follow educators on social media, and participate in a few more book studies. That's the beauty of learning, it never ends! What are you going to do to take control of your own professional learning?


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